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Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

Most people make New Year’s resolutions based on the things they weren’t able to fulfill in the previous year. Some create resolutions depending on what they are currently going through, and aim to meet their goals sometime during the new year.

Resolutions are goals that you want to achieve. This means that whether they are short-term or long-term goals, you want to set yourself up for success by making sure they are attainable and within reach.

How to stick to your resolutions

There are many ways to stick to your resolutions. However, we have put together a few essential tips and tricks that can help you stay focused throughout the year.


#1- Take one step at a time

The changes you are making ought to be gradual, so take one step at a time. It is not recommended to overload yourself right out of the gate. That is a recipe for disaster. Make sure your resolutions are attainable and fun.

#2- Be accountable

Sometimes sharing goals with friends and family members can provide that extra motivation needed to hold yourself accountable with your workout regimen. To take it one level further with your own accountability, find a dedicated workout partner. There is strength in numbers. This way, you and the partner can hold each other accountable, which has been proven, time and time again, to yield excellent results for both people involved.

#3- Track your progress

You cannot know how far you’ve come, if you don’t know where you started from. Tracking your progress is key to sustaining longevity, and sticking to your “get in better shape” resolution. In addition, it gives you a chance to set short-term and long-term goals; which are both essential to sticking to any type of goal. To reward yourself, it’s always best to work on those short-term goals first and achieve them. Those small achievements drive you, and challenge you deeper than ever before to try and tackle those long-term goals. Never underestimate the power of tracking your progress.


 #4- Reward yourself

It’s all about incentives, so have as many as you possibly can. To make it more interesting, add some dollar bills in there. The cash or monetary enticement will push you to try harder to make your goals a reality.

Personal rewards can also range from things such as:

●      Getting yourself tickets to a movie or your favorite restaurant

●      Buying yourself a small gift

●      Indulging yourself with a total body massage

●      Engaging in anything unique that makes you feel great about your achievement

Giving yourself monetary rewards is not a bad idea at all. In fact, a lot of people do this. However, at the end of the day, the best gift you can give yourself is good health that helps cleanse the mind, body and soul.


Added health benefits of sticking to an exercise resolution all year long

There are countless health benefits to the mind, body and soul that can be had from sticking to a workout plan and exercising regularly. We have put together a few of the most popular ones for you to take note of.

#1- Improves your mental clarity

Exercising improves your thinking patterns and your memory. Who wouldn’t want that benefit? Growth factors such as neurotrophic, and chemicals such as endorphins are released in the brain when you exercise, thereby affecting your mental health in the best way possible.

Plus, exercise can lead to you getting quality sleep, so your brain gets more oxygen. It is an excellent way of managing stress and anxiety overall. Any type of exercise will work, so you don’t need to limit yourself to one set routine. As long as your heart is pumping, and your blood is flowing, you can still reap the many benefits from exercising.


#2- Great antidote for high blood pressure

With age, high blood pressure tends to increase. Exercise is a sure way of controlling it, especially if your blood pressure was high the last time you checked.

Regular workout sessions are a sure way of reducing hypertension. Start off slowly, then pick up the pace. You don’t need to jump into it all at once. One to 3 months is the amount of time it will take for you to notice a significant difference in your body and mind.

Aerobic activities, strengthening and flexibility exercises, or classes such as strength training, are the most efficient ways to control high blood pressure.


#3- Boosts your energy levels

It is common to feel fatigued when you workout. For some, the recovery period might be longer when compared to others. One sure way to fight fatigue, however, is by exercising more.

Lengthening your workout sessions reduces the time you spend to recover. Your breaks can get shorter, as you have more energy to workout for more extended periods.

FYI, this does not mean you can push your body too far. Be flexible, and work within your limits.


#4- Improves your self-esteem

When you look good, you feel good! To most people, the reason for all the blood, sweat and tears is to look and feel better than they do right now. That’s why there are so many workout plans, regimes, and trends going on. Getting your body to be the best that it can be, can instantaneously boost one's self-esteem. But, before you start working out vigorously, remember one thing. Never workout just to please someone else. This is not a recipe for longevity. The best recipe to sustain a New Year’s resolution workout plan all year long, is, and always will be, when it is done FOR YOU.

Cheers to a Happy New Year!


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